Webinar – Mass Shooters Explain Why They Did It 12Aug2018
What we’ll cover in this event … Interview From a Jail Cell – Right? Not exactly. How Did You Obtain
Read more. Webinar: Creator Speaks to Today’s Non-Believers 05Aug2018
What we’ll cover in this event … The Challenge of Non-believers Non-believers comprise a community that is both “unavailable” as
Read more. Webinar: Aliens – What’s the Worry and What’s the Hurry? 29July2018
What we’ll cover in this event … Aliens? WHAT Aliens?? Karl and Denny will attempt the near impossible – to
Read more. Webinar: Angels – Divine Human’s Divine Helpers 22July2018
What we’ll cover in this event … Denny is on a well-deserved break, so Brian will be sitting in as
Read more. Webinar Struggling to Get Your Prayers Answered Time to Give Up
What we’ll cover in this event … Getting Divine Help Prayer can be very important and it turns out most
Read more. Webinar: Immigration and the Divine Path 08July2018
What we’ll cover in this event … Creator Weighs In On Immigration Mass immigration is one of the most divisive
Read more. Webinar: Early Checkout – Alzheimer’s and Dementia 02July2018
Checking Out – Just Not Leaving Karl and Denny discuss the spiritual influences behind Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Science views these
Read more. Webinar – The Suicide Deception 24June2018
Suicide is a Deceptive Solution to Solvable Problems Karl and Denny discuss the multiple and mostly deceptive reasons a person
Read more. Webinar – Are Natural Disasters “Natural”? 10June2018
What we’ll cover in this event … Would a Loving Creator Devise a Dangerous World? Karl and Denny explore the
Read more. Webinar: Nightmares – Cause and Intercession 03June2018
Nightmares – the shocking number one cause Karl and Denny will explore the number one cause of nightmares in people
Read more. Webinar – Reptilians & The Ambush of Humanity 27May2018
Reptilians – A Brief History Karl and Denny will briefly explore the history of the Extraterrestrial Reptilian species and their
Read more. Webinar – Dark Spirit Attachments as the Source of Evil 20May2018
Spirit Attachments – Understanding What They Are Karl and Denny will discuss the severe problem of dark spirit attachments as
Read more. Webinar – Successful Divine Partnering 13May2018
Divine Partnership – Understanding What It Is Karl and Denny will describe the concept of “Divine Partnership” with humanity and
Read more. Webinar – for REAL! 6May20188
Karl, Denny and Brian discuss the Launch of
Read more.